Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Gone For Good:The End...

Before we can start anew, it's important to say a proper goodbye to those things that are ending. So, to do that, this month's 30 DOW will start with the end. Write the last paragraph of your novel or short story. If the last paragraph is only one sentence (very dramatic, I like), then include the paragraph before it, as well. Also, I'm just going to go ahead and tell all of you that I peed in front of the police station last night. Starting fresh!

Chris Farmington opened the blinds and stared out at the world that he'd made.  His sister's car sat still in the driveway.  Engine running. Lacking either driver or passenger.  He realized that at some point, he would have to go outside and turn the car's engine off, but the stereo was on and he liked the song playing.  So he just stood there and looked out the window and listened.
they say to love is to bury
those demons from which we all hide
but tonight by this river, neath this willow tree
becoming one of earth and sky
Margot Timmons' voice floated out into the soundless night and insinuated itself into every breeze like a soft exhalation.  And airily it moved, gliding out across the empty street. The hollow houses stood as witness.  Faceless window panes taking evidence and account, testifying of the world that was to the world that would be.  And for the first time in almost two decades, the sound of the splintered voices had left his head and Chris Farmington found himself completely and utterly alone.  There was not a single human animal left in all of the world except for him.  And his heart grew lighter.  And he smiled.  And something smiled back.