Thursday, January 1, 2009

fashionably late

1/1: It’s the first of the year and you have a blank canvas in front of you. On that glaringly white piece of paper, set your intention for the year. Fill that page with five words that reflect your goals for your life as a writer. Expand upon them if you want, or let them be powerful enough to speak for themselves.

My initial post was going to be awsomely pretentious. It was gonna encompass all my desires in terms of where I would like to get with my writing...

Irving (John, not Cifford)

And it's still a fair declaration. At least in terms of aspirtion. Great heights, sure, but who aims for the middle? Actually, I suppose plenty of people aim for the middle. But really, What band doesn't want to be bigger and better than the Beatles. Sure, most end up being Creed and Dishwalla, but sometimes you get lucky and end up in Big Star. The point is that without expectations and aspirations, you might as well leave the bat and glove at home, because you're never gonna get a turn at bat.

but that was what i had wanted to say at first. That was my initial pretentious post.

Today, I have to subscribe to these five words.


All I'm saying is that it's a good thing for us all that F Scott Fitzgerald never had an XBOX 360.
That's all I'm saying. He'd have spent all weekend hanging out with these guys instead of getting drunk and writing.

Gotta finish up, so I can get back to killin' mutants...

Dolly Parton - Put It Off Until Tomorrow


tipsy texter said...

hey stranger, glad to have you back in the fold!

and wtf, that little mention of Big Star made me tear up a little. it's been too long.

(p.s. I spent almost 7 years trying to get you to write again. too bad it took me another 2 1/2 after that to actually figure out how!)

sornptar said...

Ahh, Fallout 3. I feel your pain. I. Feel. It.

Fucking mutants have to be put down none the less.