Saturday, November 1, 2008

Armando Prieto

Topic 1: Today is Dia de los Muertos, a day to celebrate and honor loved ones who are no longer with us. Think about someone who has passed and write about a memory of them that focuses on one of your five senses. Obviously, be very descriptive and use this as an opportunity to celebrate this person rather than mourning them.

One more Pall Mall. The hot rich smoke burning its way down into the center of my chest, making me dizzy, first thing in the morning. One more plate of Huevos Rancheros. The salsa isn't hot enough, goddam it. It's never hot enough. it's not tomato sauce for Christ's sake. It has to burn going down, otherwise, what's the point. One more shot of Seagram's VO. That stings just fine going down, don't you well know it. The bitter after taste on the lips, easily wiped away with the back of a hand. One more game of pool. I'm good too. I've made money. Lots of it. I've lost it too, but I don't care. Just the sound of the break. I wanna hear the sound of a clean break. One more song with my brother. He can play and I can't sing and neither of us holds it against me. I just want to hear hing sing El Rey one more time. One more trip across West Texas, from Sonora to San Angelo and maybe over to Ozona. And not on the clock. You know more than any one how that drive kills me when I have to watch my clock. On my own time, with the road turning as it rises over those molehills we call mountains around here. Trees and green you wouldn't think possible if you'd only driven on the other side of the state. One more order of Caldo De Res. I know it's bad for me, but it's too late now anyway. One more Corrido by Los Tigres Del Norte. One about a man and a girl and how she treats him like shit but he doesn't care because she's his last chance to be in love. One more game of cards. Five card draw. I'll play honest. From the top of the deck, I swear. I don't have much on me right now anyway. Win or lose, it'll be a quick game. One more Pall Mall. I still have half a pack. It'd be a shame to let it go to waste. One more hug from my sister. I know she's gonna miss me. If no one else, I know she will. This is gonna kill her, I think. One more drive around San Felipe. I want to stop at Virgen De Guadalupe. Maybe they're taking confession today. One more bowl of Menudo from Amezcua's. It's not like that's gonna be the thing that kills me. Well, not the only thing. One more chance to talk about my time in Korea. I know everyone wonders what the Army was like for me, but I just never wanted to talk about it until now. Someone's gotta want to hear about it. One more game of craps out behind Tiny's Bar. Maybe I do gamble too much? I don't know. But man, that feeling, when you number hits, and you reach down and mop up that pile of money on the floor...that's as good as a cigarette. Speaking of which, do I have time for one more Pall Mall? One more kiss from my wife. Can I at least have that? One last day with my little girl. Please, sweet Jesus. Can I at least have that?...let me have one more...FUCK IT! I'm ready. Lets go.


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if this were the beginning of a book, i wouldn't be able to stop reading until the end, which would be about 4am. even though i have to work tomorrow.