Saturday, November 1, 2008

Same Shit, Different Sandwich

So, somehow someone somewhere flagged this blog address as a spam blog, despite the fact that I haven't posted a SINGLE FUCKING THING to this god damned page. Now I have to submit a formal request to blogspot to have this page cleared by the PTB. I suppose this somehow involves having a human someone check this page and verifying that I'm not a bot controlled spam machine. As the man said...YOU'RE a bot controlled spam machine. So, if anyone gets to read this today, great. If not, then FUCK blogspot, or rather the asshole that reported me as spam.
Studs Terkel R.I.P.
From Sinking - Inept, Mechanically

1 comment:

tipsy texter said...

what the fuck? i hope whoever reports you slips into a giant pile of shit today. and then a dog walks in the same pile of shit and then steps on his face. what a douchebag.