Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Take that, Hummel!

Ah, Craigslist. You can do just about anything there, from selling a couch to picking up a date, to buying sold out concert tickets, to finding a job. Pick a category on Craigslist where you might not normally find yourself. Create an ad that really stands out to a potential customer/date/job prospect. Remember, pictures always help get your ad looked at more often.

I am selling 2 brand new Nightshade brand collectible figurines, "MUFFET" and "BUTTERCUP". They are brand new and still in the box. Nightshade brand hand-carved sculptures by Hervil LeBarron whisper to the soul in unsettling ways, disturbing, discomforting, and inspiring dread. They identify emotions and fears so private that we only speak of them in the daylight and then render them in simple gestures of pure evil. They are 9" tall. Priced at $15.....call 555/432-1111

(Actual sculptures by

Spoon - Figures Of Art

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